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This section includes information about SOGICA project publications. It will be updated even after the formal end in October 2020. If you would like to receive occasional updates about SOGICA and all publications, subscribe now to our SOGICA mailing list.


  • Danisi, C. and Ferreira, N., ‘Queering Asylum… or Human Rights in Europe?’ (extended version), in Annuario ADIM 2021, Editoriale Scientifica, 2022, pp. 319-327
  • Ferreira, N., ‘Better late than never? SOGI asylum claims and “late disclosure” through a Foucauldian lens’, Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (forthcoming)
  • Ferreira, N., ‘”Utterly unbelievable”: The discourse of “fake” SOGI asylum claims as a form of epistemic injustice’, International Journal of Refugee Law (forthcoming)
  • SOGICA Project, Submission to the UK Parliament’s Justice and Home Affairs Committee’s ‘Family migration’ inquiry, 12 September 2022


  • Dustin, M. and Held, N., ‘”They sent me to the mountain”: the role of space, faith and support groups for LGBTIQ+ asylum claimants’, in Richard Mole (ed.), Queer migration and asylum in Europe, UCL Press, 2021, pp. 184-215.
  • Ferreira, N., ‘An exercise in detachment: the Strasbourg Court and sexual minority refugees’, in Richard Mole (ed.), Queer migration and asylum in Europe, UCL Press, 2021, pp. 78-108.




  • Special Issue of GenIUS – Rivista di studi giuridici sull’orientamento sessuale e sull’identita’ di genere on ‘Protezione Internazionale e SOGI‘, 2018, No. 2, with contributions of Danisi, C., Ferreira, N., Dustin, M. and Held, N.


  • Danisi C., Dustin M. and Ferreira N., ‘Queering Brexit’, The UK in a Changing Europe, 26 October 2017



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