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Project Friends

A number of experts involved in asylum, human rights, socio-legal studies and SOGI, as well as NGO representatives and individual asylum claimants and refugees, were invited to become SOGICA Project Friends during the life of the project. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, they interacted with the team and with each other to provide information, stimulate debate and help to disseminate the project’s outcomes. In this way, during the life of the project and after its formal conclusion in 2020, the project’s friends, working with the research team and the Advisory Board members, became the first European SOGICA network. SOGICA Project Friends (bold indicates whether main contact was the individual or the organisation):


Aderonke Apata, African Rainbow Family 

Africa Arcigay, Vercelli

AMAN/Safe Place International

Arcigay Napoli

Arcigay Agora’ Pesaro – Urbino 

Arcigay – Segreteria Nazionale, Manuela Macario e Roberto Muzzetta

Samantha ArnoldEuropean Migration Network Ireland and Economic and Social Research Institute


Avvocato di strada (Tutela legale gratuita alle persone senza fissa dimora), Bologna

Helen Baillot

Marco Balboni, Università di Bologna

Baroness Liz Barker, House of Lords

Claire Bennett, nfpSynergy

Lidia Bonifati, University of Bologna

Jude Boyles

Joe Brady

Allan Briddock, Barrister, One Pump Court

Lucy Bryson, Refugee & Migrant Forum, Brighton & Hove City Council

Dany Carnassale, University of Padova

Lord Michael Cashman, House of Lords

S Chelvan, Barrister, No5 Chambers

Princess Chiney, Asylum Aid Protection Gap Campaign

Valentina Coletta, MIT Movimento Identità Trans

Prof Davina Cooper, University of Kent

Jonathan Cooper, Doughty Street Chambers

Alessia Coracci, Associazione Mondodonna onlus

Prof Heaven Crawley, Coventry University

Sarah Crowther, Refugees in Effective and Active Partnership (REAP)

Benjamin Dix, PositiveNegatives and Why Comics?

Tina Dixson, Human Rights Advocate

Lisa Doyle, Refugee Council

Lord Alf Dubs, House of Lords

Georgina Firth, Lancaster University

Gabriella Friso, Certi Diritti

GaGa, Vicenza

Mimi Gashi, Sahir House

Marco Gattuso, Articolo29 and Genius

Avv. Giovanna Carlotta Genito

Dr Calogero Giametta, Aix-Marseille University

Prof Geoff Gilbert, University of Essex

Prof Guy S Goodwin-Gill, University of Oxford

Moud Gouba, Micro Rainbow

María Helga Guðmundsdóttir, Samtökin ’78 – The National Queer Organization of Iceland

Stuart M. Hansen

Prof Colin Harvey, Queens University Belfast

Rosa Heimer, EpsiLon

Stephanie Huber, Asylum Research Centre Foundation


Immigrazioni e Omosessualità – Progetto IO, CIG – Comitato d’Iniziativa Gay – Arcigay Milano

Sajida Ismail, Manchester Metropolitan University

Stephan Jäkel, Schwulenberatung Berlin

Sabine Jansen, COC Nederland

Surat-Shaan Knan, Rainbow Pilgrims

Prof Eleonore Kofman, Middlesex University

Peter Kyle MP

Lesbian Immigration Support Group

       LeTRa – Beratungsstelle und Zentrum des Lesbentelefon e.V.

Luna Lara Liboni, Coalizione Italiana Libertà e Diritti Civili (CILD)

Caroline Lucas MP

       Prof Nora Markard, Universität Hamburg

Giuseppe Mascia, designer

Jonathan Mastellari, MigraBO LGBT

Giuseppe Masullo, Università di Salerno

Lisa Matthews, Right to Remain

Keelin McCarthy, Lamb Building

Dr Katie McQuaid, University of Leeds

La Migration, Palermo

Prof Jenni Millbank, University of Technology Sydney

Ibrahim Mokdad, Sofra Cologne

Richard Mole, University College London

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax, Queen Mary University of London, the Refugee Law Observatory and the Refugee Law Initiative

Dr. Maria Federica Moscati, Rete Lenford – Avvocatura per i diritti LGBTI

Annalisa Napoli, Translator/Interpreter EN>IT

Suryia Nayak, University of Salford

Jennifer Louise New, University of Liverpool

Frances Nicholson, Freelance researcher on refugee protection issues

Silvio Nocera, FIDEM

Odysseus Network

Cynthia Orchard, Asylum Aid

Roberta Orlando – Interdisciplinary Artist and LGBTQI Activist

Patrizia Palermo, Italian Ministry of Justice

Partnership Community Safety Team, Brighton & Hove City Council

Giacomo Giorgini Pignatelli, Giuridico Cassero

Kimahli Powell, Rainbow Railroad

Senthorun Raj, Keele University

Catherine Robinson, One Pump Court

Nick Scott-Flynn, Scott-Flynn Consulting

Prof Thomas Spijkerboer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Clare SummerskillStand-up, writer and singer-songwriter

Mandy Taylor, European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)

Dr Judith Townsend, University of Sussex and Sanctuary on Sea

Transgender Europe (TGEU)

Lilian Tsourdi, Refugee Studies Centre

Marlen Vahle, Kölner Flüchtlingsrat

Denise VenturiScuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Alice Webb, Asylum Support Appeals Project (ASAP)

Janna Wessels, Justus Liebig Universität Gießen

Richard Williams, Sanctuary on Sea

Colin Yeo, Garden Court Chambers and Free Movement

Leila Zadeh, UKLGIG

Anbid Zaman

Livio Zilli, International Commission of Jurists

SOGICA thanks staff at the School of Law, Politics and Sociology at the University of Sussex for their support for this project. And we are particularly grateful to our creative Friends: Giuseppe Mascia for creating our project logo and for other design work; Yasmin Kapadia for her input to our project materials; Rachael Phelps and Eleanor Griggs for their work on the SOGICA poster and other resources; and Silan Anil, Ammar Cheema, Khalid Khan, Ali Kassem and Shahrzad Fouladvand for the support with translations.

We are also thankful for the time and dedication offered by those doing placements with SOGICA, namely Ssu-Chi Ho (Goldsmiths, University of London), Valentina Canepa (University of Sussex), Elif Dama (University of Istanbul), Silvia Ciacchi (University of Trento), Ibrahim Abdella, Marita Haakonsen (University of Sussex), Lisa Harrington (University of Sussex), Melody Greaves (Wilfrid Laurier, Ontario), Alba Trabandt (Sussex/Freie Universität Berlin), Oscar Kennedy, Federico Di Persio (University of Bologna), Isabel Soloaga (University of Sussex), Alessandro Pigoni (University of Sussex/University of Bologna), Grace Jansen in de Wal (Wilfrid Laurier, Ontario) and Olivia DiLeo (Wilfrid Laurier, Ontario). Thanks also to our brilliant and supportive research assistants Rosa Jones and Vítor Lopes Andrade.